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Friday 9 January 2015

Christmas softies

These are the softies I made for Christmas, that I couldn't show you before.

Hare & rabbit. This was made for Amanda's daughter - Amy, who saw my display at the Fireworks studio in Riverside, Cardiff.

And above is strange fox who was drawn by Amy's boyfriend.

This is Big Foot the robot who was drawn by Moin, who is 7.

This is Nessy, who was drawn by the same artist who created 'Boy', two years ago. He went to Ireland. 

This is Godzilla, who was drawn by Kristin's nephew in Canada, seen below.

This is a matchstick man, who went to Italy for Andrea's nephew. 

This is Sausage and Melon - father and son

This is a 1982 policeman, drawn by James when he was 6. He is now in his 30s.

This is Crystal, designed by Lola, who is 10

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