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Thursday 12 March 2015

Rory the lions arrive at Stacey Primary School, Cardiff

In January, Stacey Primary School held a competition to design a mascot for their school. A boy called Idris Adan from year 2 won the competition, with his wonderful drawing of a lion, seen below:

I was asked by one of his teachers - Charlotte Sweet, to make 9 of these wonderful lions for the school, one for each class, so I did.

 These are the lions getting made

These are the lions waiting for their badges

A pile of lions waiting for their badges

The lions have their badges and they're ready to head to the school

 Here the lions were forming a choir

A line of lions getting ready to head to their new home in Stacey Primary School, Cardiff.

The lions arrive at reception. I think they're settling in nicely!

Here they are getting used to their new environment and waiting to be moved into their respective classrooms!

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