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Sunday 27 December 2015

Purple cat

This purple cat went to Cambridge for xmas. His designer was just 5 when she drew him, but is now fully grown up!

This is the reaction I had from Julie - her mother, when I sent over a pic of the finished cat - "Its perfect! I'm so excited, thank you so much.....I have just shown everyone in the office and they all love it too!". And when he arrived "The cat has arrived, it is fantastic! my daughter is going to be so surprised and happy, thank you so much, have a great Xmas, I will send you a picture with its new owner!".

I recently had a Facebook message from Nicola, Purple cat's creator "Hello, I am Julie's daughter and the designer of the cat drawing. I can't put into words how well you made this, every single detail is spot on, from the different lengths of the legs to the smiley face. Such a lovely present to receive, seeing something I drew when I was 5 to now seeing it recreated at 30. Brings back childhood memories and is a brilliant keepsake!
Thank you so much, what a fantastic unique gift. You've done an excellent job."

It's always great when I have such a positive reaction! 

Here is Nicola with her cat and drawing.

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